I began photography in the early 70s, an avid student of the early masters, and a love of the outdoors led to my work in Nature and Landscape Photography. In 1975 I began the first of many trips to the Southwest of the US. It was on one of these trips in 1977, as I stood on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon that I said someday I would be back to the Canyon. Little did I know it would take almost 20 years and that I would be rowing a raft on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon  for 18 days in 1996.

Since that time there have been many trips out West and in New England and the East Coast, including six trips that I have rowed a raft in the Grand Canyon and many other rafting trips. In 1985 I started Cytafex Studio (pronounced sight affects) to produce still photographs for advertising. Prior to that I had been working for various studios mainly doing retail advertising. More recently I've been working on producing my personal work and doing river trips. My work has been reproduced in numerous publications over the years, including Sierra Club in Wilderness Trails Calendars.

Many photographers have influenced me, but particularly Ansel Adams, Minor White, Edward Weston and Doc Edgerton. There are so many more on the list including my friends and teachers, including, Jack Perry, Ron Rosenstock, Jerry DeWaters, and Steven Gersh. Also, I have been influenced greatly by my Dad and Nature, and by the many good lessons I've learned from them. I've spent many a day and night surrounded by Nature, at times by myself, but never alone, and by some measure there is beauty inside me from such experiences. For me photography is a creative use of science when Time and Place combine creating a Separate Reality and if only for a moment we can experience something more than ourselves.

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